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About Us


The Café

Opening our doors in 2021, Delicieux welcomes customers into a spacious and simplistic space with chic wooden décor set against plenty of natural light that excludes a relaxing feel with a kiss of classiness.


With a name that literally translates to 'delicious' in French, Delicieux is the brainchild of co-owners Jean Liew and Chef Feez who both come from culinary backgrounds. In its short time open, Delicieux has quickly become a local favorite and a hotspot for coffee lovers.


In February 2022, it won the ASEAN Food & Travel Award for the Best Café Experience in Kajang from Food & Travel Magazine.

Our Kitchen


Delicieux’s heart is its kitchen which is headed by Chef Feez. With a long-spanned career in culinary arts, Chef Feez curates each dish to the utmost perfection.


Our menu is constantly changing to adapt to customers evolving preferences and habits. As such, Chef Feez creates each recipe hands-on with great thought and precision to ensure patrons get the best food with the best ingredients. The team that assists him is highly skilled and makes each plate that goes out to the dining room exceed expectations.


Our kitchen does not only deliver mouth-watering food, but it does this by upholding the highest standard of cleanliness!


Our Food

Here at Delicieux, we let our food speak for itself. Our dishes have a harmonious blend and balance of Western and Asian flavors across the menu.


We have created each dish to give our customers a burst of flavors with each bite. Your food journey will receive a chef’s kiss because of our rich sauces which are one of our pride and joys. We likewise honor our Malaysian roots with local must-haves such as Nasi Lemak and Nasi Minyak Ayam Percik.


We believe that the best dishes give you a feast for all your senses. Hence, each plate of food is plated to be camera-ready fine dining dishes that exude delicious aromas.

Our Coffee


Coffee is essential to the Delicieux brand and identity.

The best quality coffee beans are sourced, and our baristas are trained to make each cup of coffee with the utmost detail.


Coffee lovers can experience the staple selections of coffee such as a latte or cappuccino. But if you’re going for something a little different, try our coffees that are infused with local flavors such as crowd favorite, Pandan Latte.


We also have a variety of cold brews and matcha-based coffees! If you’re a tea enthusiast, don’t fret as we have not forgotten you. Delicieux also offers eccentric creations of floral teas that have health benefits, letting you have a sip of tea while staying healthy.

Our Delicieux Family


Our Delicieux Family is made up of individuals that come from diverse backgrounds but that have one thing in common,

a passion for food and coffee.


We strive to uphold the values of teamwork and family which proved to be our strength as we overcame the hurdles of opening our doors during a pandemic.


Each member of the team is skilled at their crafts with the kitchen being led by Feez and the front of the house being led by Jean. Our friendly crew strives to deliver the best customer experience for all our patrons.

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