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Est. 2021                                                                                                      Coffee & Food

Simply Delicieux Food & Coffee!

Have a taste of an array of delectable dishes at Delicieux.

Our menu offers local staples and unique dishes that showcase a fusion of Western and Asian cuisine.


Our food will have your mouth watering just from the

insta-worthy plating and satisfying aromas. The flavors of our dishes will satisfy your taste buds from the first bite!

Don’t forget to get your coffee fix. Our premium coffee beans will keep coffee lovers coming back for more. We also offer amazing distinctive tea concoctions for tea enthusiasts!


Create Memorable
Dining Experience

Here at Delicieux, we come from humble and new beginnings, but our customers are our number one priority.

We aim to provide incredible dining experiences that deliver the best customer satisfaction with incredible food and coffee.

Our menu is constantly evolving to keep you and our palate on your toes and to ensure each of your visits is even better than the last!


Build a career
with Delicieux!

We strive to always empower our team through constant learning experiences and career paths. With that, we are always searching for new talents to join our growing family and brand.


Drop us your resume if you have a passion for food and coffee.

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